Whanganui Collegiate School is an Anglican seven day boarding school situated in the Lower North Island in the West Coast town of Whanganui and is the second oldest school in the country.

The school has a role of 430 students from Year 9 to Year 13, of which 280 are boarders housed in four boy’s boarding houses and two girl’s boarding houses.

A school with a very strong sporting culture we offer a variety of winter and summer sports. Emphasis is largely on the team sport environment of which, rugby, cricket, rowing, netball, soccer and hockey play a significant part. Many successes have been achieved at both athletics and cross-country over a long period of time.

Whanganui Collegiate is lucky enough to offer wonderful facilities for all of its sports, including a number one rugby field that has over 100 years playing history, a wonderful equally old, cricket oval and pavilion and an excellent water based artificial hockey turf, plus the use of Cooks Garden for athletics.

Whanganui Collegiate boasts a 100 percent pupil participation in both a winter and summer sport. This along with many dedicated teachers a number of highly qualified and specialist sports coaches endeavour to offer an excellent environment for students to reach their sporting potential.

Collegiate offers rugby at all age levels U14, U15, 2nd XV and 1st XV. All rugby teams, other than the 1st XV play, play in the Manawatu Rugby Union competition within their various age groups.

Whanganui Collegiate offers all its rugby players a highly structured environment in which to practice develop their skills and play the game and well supported by a strong parent based supporters club and a number of highly skilled coaches.

A school steeped in rugby tradition and one of the oldest in New Zealand ensures that the 1st XV has a number of longstanding traditional fixtures. Fixtures against schools such as Te Aute College, New Plymouth Boys High School, Christ’s College, Wellington College and Hato Paora, many of which have been played for over a century.

This strong traditional fixture list combined with the recently formed CNI Rugby competition, ensure that Collegiate offers its rugby players an excellent fixture list for aspiring young rugby players. This year Collegiate will take part in the 98th annual Quadrangular tournament – the oldest in New Zealand – between Wellington College, Nelson College, Christ’s College and Whanganui Collegiate. This three day tournament is a highlight for many of these rugby boys.

Tyler Scott Manager

Darrell Hoskin Assistant Coach

Tafai Ioasa 1st XV Coach

Director of Rugby

Tom Dryden 1st XV Assistant Coach

1st XV Squad 2023

  • Pearce ANGUS
  • Benjamin DUNCAN
  • Ben EVANS
  • Declan GUINEA
  • Archie HAMILTON
  • Keagan HANEKOM
  • James HARDY
  • Rudy IOASA
  • Noah IOASA
  • Tali IOASA
  • William JOHNSTON
  • Ratunui LATUS
  • Oscar MABIN
  • Ian MORTON
  • Maurice MOW
  • Riley NORMAN
  • Timothy O'LEARY
  • George ORMSBY
  • Noah PA'A
  • Jimmy PEACOCK
  • Monty SHERRIFF
  • 2015 – 1st XV toured Melbourne during the April holidays. Invited to Anzac centenary celebration – festival of Rugby hosted by Melbourne Grammar School
  • 2013 – 1st XV toured NSW, Australia, playing against Sydney based schools and clubs as well as school in Canberra; traditional fixture against New Plymouth Boys High School was played at the Yarrow Stadium, under lights, as a curtain-raiser to an ITM match

  • 2019 - Sydney Tour - Played Newington, St Ignatius, Trinity and Waverley *2019 - CNI Finalists

  • All Blacks – Alan Good (1893), Hugh Good (1894), John Blair (1897), James Hunter (1905-08), Peter Murray (1908), Stanley Siddels (1909), Jack Tuck (1929), George Bullock (1932-34), Mark Irwin (1955-60), Roger Boon (1960), Sam Straham (1967-73), Andrew Jefferd (1980-81), Andrew Donald (1981-84), David Kirk (1983-87)
  • Hurricanes Schools/U16s – Harry Unsworth (2014 Wing), Patrick Parker (2014 Flank), Ben Kelt (2016 1st Five)
  • Hurricanes Schools/U18s – Jonathan Osborne (2013 Lock), Te Atuarere Albert (2013 Flank), Stephen Perofeta (2015 1st Five), Ben Strang (2019 Hooker) NZ Schools Barbarians - Stephen Perofeta (2015); *Taranaki* - Stephen Perofeta (2016-17) Blues - Stephen Perofeta (2017) All Blacks (2022) NZ Schools* - Ben Strang (2019) * Adam Lennox NZSS Barbarians (2020); Taranaki (2022); Chiefs (2023) Harry Godfrey NZSS (2020); NZ U20 2022/23; Magpies 2022; Hurricanes 2023 ** Epeli Waqaceci NZU19 2022, NZ U20 2023, Manawatu 2023

132 Liverpool Street
Private Bag 3002
Wanganui 4540

+64 6 349 0210
+64 6 349 0280
[email protected]

CNI Coordinator
Steve Simpson
[email protected]


Lost 28-29v St John’s College
Lost 24-41v St Peter’s School
Won 43-17v St John’s College
Lost 14-20v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 29-38v Lindisfarne College
Lost 14-24v Wesley College
Lost 31-38v Rathkeale College


Won 43-41v St John’s College
Won 36-12v St Peter’s School
Won 62-5v St John’s College
Won 43-22v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 37-14v Rathkeale College
Won 66-0v Lindisfarne College
Lost 19-26v Wesley College
Lost 22-41v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Drew 28-28v Feilding High School
Lost 12-43v Feilding High School (S/F)
Lost 5-32v Wesley College


Lost 3-46v St John’s College
Won 26-19v St Peter’s School
Won 34-10v St John’s College
Won 15-12v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 38-8v Rathkeale College
Lost 10-14v Lindisfarne College
Lost 3-7v Wesley College
Lost 10-20v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 12-36v Feilding High School
Won 26-22v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 38-25v St Peter’s School


Won 30-7v St John’s College
Lost 15-28v St Peter’s School
Won 18-5v Wesley College
Won 24-15v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 17-6v Rathkeale College
Won 21-15v Lindisfarne College
Won 56-10v St John’s College
Lost 12-30v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 27-28v Feilding High School
Won 19-17v St Peter’s School (S/F)
Lost 10-33v St Paul’s Collegiate School (Final)


Won 29-14v Lindisfarne College
Won 22-0v Rathkeale College
Won 26-3v St John’s College
Won 25-17v Feilding High School
Lost 24-27v St Peter’s School (S/F)
Won 29-25v Feilding High School


Lost 28-31v Wesley College
Won 59-14v St John’s College
Won 19-12v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 26-19v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 43-3v Rathkeale College
Won 69-0v St John’s College
Won 46-26v Lindisfarne College
Won 39-19v St Peter’s School
Lost 8-13v Feilding High School
Won 26-12v Francis Douglas Memorial College (S/F)
Lost 14-26v St Paul’s Collegiate School (Final)


Won 52-0v Te Aute College
Lost 10-38v St Peter’s School
Drew 24-24v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 25-36v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 50-0v St John’s College
Won 10-3v Rathkeale College
Lost 17-23v Lindisfarne College
Lost 10-31v Feilding High School
Lost 19-22v St John’s College
Lost 20-34v Wesley College


Lost 8-30v St Peter’s School
Drew 11-11v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 21-34v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 52-3v St John’s College
Won 30-17v Rathkeale College
Lost 0-22v Feilding High School
Lost 17-19v Lindisfarne College
Lost 5-54v Wesley College
Won 33-13v Te Aute College


Lost 5-76v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 10-13v Feilding High School
Won 29-12v Rathkeale College
Won 65-0v St John’s College
Won 18-17v Lindisfarne College
Lost 6-24v Wesley College
Lost 16-17v St Peter’s School
Lost 25-45v Francis Douglas Memorial College


Lost 7-25v Lindisfarne College
Lost 11-45v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Drew 21-21v Rathkeale College
Lost 0-95v Feilding High School
Won 56-22v St John’s College
Lost 10-13v St Peter’s School
Lost 7-81v St Paul’s Collegiate School


Won 31-22v St John’s College
Lost 15-49v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 15-31v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 19-15v Rathkeale College
Lost 11-12v Feilding High School
Lost 33-34v St Peter’s School
Lost 17-25v Lindisfarne College


Won 84-0v Te Aute College
Won 29-13v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 22-41v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 50-7v Rathkeale College
Lost 7-52v Lindisfarne College
Lost 3-99v Feilding High School
Won 31-17v St John’s College
Lost 5-52v Wesley College