St John’s College is one of the select schools of the Waikato based on a long Marist tradition. Catholic boys enjoy a first class academic education within a richly diverse community where young men are prepared for life in the 21st Century. St John’s men are expected to strive for personal excellence in academic, sporting and cultural endeavours in a context of strong Catholic Values.

A modern learning environment, located adjacent to the University of Waikato, our school provides excellent facilities in all technologies, especially ICT, and teachers who model good relationships. St John’s develops fine young men ready to make their mark on the world. Our Marist Men leave St John’s capable of building strong relationships, highly resilient and confident of their place in the future.

Sponsors Details are below

Tony Su'a Coach

John Walers Assistant Coach

Damian Mills Manager

Milton Ross Assistant Coach

Dom Kay Manager

1st XV Squad 2023

  • Keoni ALBERT
  • Josh BARNETT
  • Nichaiah BOYNTON
  • Logan BRADBURY
  • Murray CHURCH
  • George COOMBES
  • Wesley CURULALA
  • Micah FALE
  • Leighton JONES
  • Sioeli KAHO
  • Sifuiva KAISA
  • Halen KING
  • Sonny KING
  • Antony LAMIPETI
  • Kaden MAKEA
  • Callum MCCABE
  • Kurtis MCCARTHY
  • Hamish MCGILL
  • Xavier MIHARE
  • Karlan MOSAATI
  • Chris NU'U
  • Kade SUA
  • Antonio TIMAU
  • Tevita VAEA
  • Okustino VEA
  • Simione VEATAPU
  • Keelan VILIAMI

2015 Waikato Secondary Schools Champions 2016 Rainbows End Champions, 2nd Top School Waikato 2017 3rd Rainbows End – 3rd, 2nd Top School Waikato

Marty Holah All Blacks 2001 – 2006 NZ Maori 2005 Chiefs 2001 -2007 Waikato 1999 – 2007 Ospreys 2007 – 2011

Sosene Anesi All Blacks 2005 NZ Sevens 2004 – 2006 Chiefs 2005 – 2009 NSW Warratahs 2010 – 2011 Waikato 2004 - 2011

Jono Marlo Samoa U20 2010

Josh Kaho Chiefs U20 2018

Liam Coombes Fabling Chiefs U20 2018

Siave Seti Chiefs U20 2018 NZ Secondary Schools Barbarians 2017

St John’s College
85 Hillcrest Road
Hamilton 3216

(07) 856 7091
(07) 856 3880
[email protected]

Mark Plant - TIC Rugby - [email protected]

Dom Kay - 1st XV Manager - [email protected] 021 066 4273


Won 29-28v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 41-10v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 46-22v Lindisfarne College
Won 20-17v Wesley College
Lost 15-48v Feilding High School
Won 55-10v St John’s College
Lost 21-22v St Peter’s School


Lost 41-43v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 34-17v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 55-3v Lindisfarne College
Lost 14-22v Wesley College
Won 39-26v Feilding High School
Won 83-0v St John’s College
Won 40-17v St Peter’s School
Won 80-5v Rathkeale College
Won 32-27v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 32-22v Wesley College (S/F)
Lost 17-24v Feilding High School (Final)


Won 46-3v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 64-12v Lindisfarne College
Won 55-7v Wesley College
Won 82-0v St John’s College
Won 57-0v St Peter’s School
Won 44-10v Rathkeale College
Won 38-12v Feilding High School
Won 69-13v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 46-10v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 50-15v St Paul’s Collegiate School (S/F)
Lost 22-33v Feilding High School (Final)


Lost 7-30v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 24-0v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 57-19v St John’s College
Won 31-15v Wesley College
Lost 20-28v St Peter’s School
Won 41-0v Feilding High School
Won 17-15v Lindisfarne College
Won 37-14v Rathkeale College
Lost 19-26v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 13-27v St Paul’s Collegiate School (S/F)
Lost 14-29v St Peter’s School


Won 34-26v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 15-24v Wesley College
Lost 14-29v St Peter’s School
Won 44-5v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 50-24v Rathkeale College
Lost 25-29v Lindisfarne College


Lost 17-29v St John’s College
Lost 14-59v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 8-60v Feilding High School
Lost 10-36v Lindisfarne College
Lost 19-48v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 25-7v Rathkeale College
Lost 17-36v Wesley College
Lost 12-24v St Peter’s School
Lost 13-56v Francis Douglas Memorial College


Lost 12-65v St Peter’s School
Lost 0-50v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 5-55v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 10-40v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 12-89v Wesley College
Lost 8-28v Rathkeale College
Lost 7-56v Lindisfarne College
Won 25-10v St John’s College
Won 44-0v Te Aute College
Lost 0-34v Feilding High School

No 2nd XV matches played yet