Lindisfarne College is a Year 7-13 Presbyterian Boarding and Day School for boys in Hastings, New Zealand. It is one of the top boys’ schools in New Zealand and has established itself as a leader in boys’ education both nationally and internationally. The academic results of the college place it consistently as one of the top schools in NZ with pass rates between 97% and 100% in national examinations. Most students go on to tertiary studies at New Zealand or overseas universities.

Sport is compulsory for the 500 boys at Lindisfarne College and it has a proud record of success across all sports. Strong coaching and fitness programmes play a huge role in developing our players as they move through development teams and aspire to play for the College’s premier sides. Spacious grounds and first-rate gym facilities support a culture of excellence.

Lindisfarne College also boasts a top music programme including a pipe band, three concert and symphonic bands, a jazz band and many other groups. A focus on public speaking and communication is another important cornerstone along with the development of Christian values, good manners and service to others. Together these produce ‘good men’ who go on to lead successful and significant lives.

Throughout the 63 years of its history, Lindisfarne College’s rugby teams have consistently punched above their weight. A proud rugby tradition has evolved and the college has now produced five All Blacks: Mick Duncan (1971, two tests), John Timu (1989-94, 50 matches 26 tests, nine tests as a Kiwi League rep), Taine Randell (61 matches, 51 tests, 22 as Captain), Campbell Johnstone (2005, three tests) and Israel Dagg (2010, 61 tests to date).

Lindisfarne College has produced several NZ Schools’ players and many more at various national age grade levels. Three NZ Maori, four NZ Universities and numorous Super Rugby players are testimony to the processes in place at Lindisfarne College that allow its rugby players to progress to a higher level in the game. At present, we turn out six teams from the school roll of around 500 students and all teams are coached and managed by staff members.

Traditional matches are played against Rathkeale College, Scots College and Wanganui Collegiate. Annual fixtures are played against local rivals Hastings Boys’ High School and Napier Boys’ High School and a pre-season games against Palmerston North and Gisborne Boys’ High School.

The season begins with the Presbyterian Quadrangular Tournament established in 1989, involving Scots College (Wellington), St Andrew’s College (Christchurch) and St Kentigern College (Auckland) . The Lindisfarne College 1st XV won the inaugural CNI Rugby competition in 2012, were forth last year in 2013 and beaten semifinalist in 2014 and 2015.

Emma Akeripa Manager

Laurent Simutoga Coach

Andrew Horrell Assistant Coach

1st XV Squad 2023

  • Hunter ANDREWS
  • Tom BAINES
  • Jack BRITTIN
  • Jack DUNCAN
  • Tama HEATHER
  • Hopa KEELAN
  • George KILSBY
  • Jock LEE
  • Jonty LOWE
  • Perez MALO
  • Angus MARTIN
  • Oscar MORICE
  • George MOWAT
  • Ryan PALMER
  • Tori RANDELL
  • Noah ROGERS
  • Jonty ROIL
  • Angus SCOTT
  • Charlie SISAM
  • Charlie STEPHENSON
  • Will TURNER
  • Will TURNER
  • Jack WORKMAN
  • Lachie WRIGHT

Josh Combs

Jayden Falcon

George Cranswick

Ben Frame

Maika Nasilasila

Anthony Korocowiri

Majella Tufuga

  • 2016 - Pushing HBHS close, leading for most of the 1st half, eventually losing 14-32
  • 2015 - Making CNI semifinal (losing to FHS 10-11), winning the Quad tournament at Lindisfarne
  • 2014 – Playing live on Sky TV beating FDMC to win the Rick Francis Memorial Shield and kept it for the remainder of the season
  • 2013 – Made the Quadrangular finals for the third year running, losing to Scots College
  • 2012 – Won the inaugural CNI competition; made the Quadrangular finals for the second consecutive year, losing 18-15 to Scots College; won all three traditional matches, beat Hastings Boys’ High School 46-19, toured the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
  • 2011 – Won the Presbyterian Quadrangular Final beating Scots College 22-7
  • 2010 – Won all three traditional matches, beat Te-Aute College by a record 84-0
  • All Blacks – Taine Randell (Captain), Israel Dagg (2010-current), Campbell Johnstone (2005), John Timu (1989-94), Mick Duncan (1971)
  • Recent NZ Under 20 – Tiaan Falcon (2017, 1st 5/8), Mason Emerson (2016, winger), Tim Cadwallader (Hooker), George Bridge (2015, Fullback), Sam Godwin (2015, No. 8)
  • Recent NZ Schools – Mason Emerson (2014, Winger)
  • Recent NZ Barbarians – Tiaan Falcon (2015, 1st 5/8), Hugh Renton (2013, No 8)
  • Current Super Rugby - Hurricanes - Hugh Renton. Crusaders - George Bridge, Israel Dagg.
  • Current Mitre 10 Cup – Magpies - Mason Emerson, Tiaan Falcon, Hugh Renton, Israel Dagg. Manawatu Turbos - Tim Cadwallader, Tom Parsons. Canterbury - George Bridge, Sam Godwin.

600 Pakowhai Road
PO Box 2341
Hastings 4120

+64 6 873 1136
+64 6 878 6955
[email protected]

1st XV Coach
Karl Jones
[email protected]

1st XV Manager
Jared Fritchley
[email protected]
027 683 2555


Lost 14-40v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 0-58v Wesley College
Lost 3-55v St John’s College
Won 31-19v St John’s College
Lost 0-66v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 17-38v Feilding High School
Lost 21-31v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 19-35v St Peter’s School
Won 39-24v Rathkeale College
Lost 14-52v St Peter’s School
Lost 5-19v St Paul’s Collegiate School


Lost 14-24v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 5-24v Wesley College
Lost 12-64v St John’s College
Won 14-10v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 7-43v Feilding High School
Lost 7-21v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 12-21v St Peter’s School
Won 24-5v St John’s College
Won 28-14v Rathkeale College
Lost 27-34v St Peter’s School
Lost 20-25v Francis Douglas Memorial College


Lost 22-47v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 20-12v Wesley College
Won 34-22v Feilding High School
Won 47-18v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 15-21v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 15-17v St John’s College
Lost 12-22v St Peter’s School
Won 29-17v St John’s College
Won 30-20v Rathkeale College
Won 22-14v Rathkeale College
Won 43-19v Feilding High School


Lost 14-29v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 22-20v St John’s College
Lost 12-32v Feilding High School
Won 15-14v Rathkeale College
Won 29-25v St John’s College


Lost 7-34v Feilding High School
Lost 19-21v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 36-10v St John’s College
Lost 26-46v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 29-24v St Peter’s School
Won 39-5v St John’s College
Lost 12-20v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 52-5v Rathkeale College
Lost 22-27v Wesley College


Lost 20-54v Feilding High School
Won 60-6v Te Aute College
Lost 22-31v St Peter’s School
Won 48-0v St John’s College
Won 23-17v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 7-29v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 10-33v Wesley College
Won 56-7v St John’s College
Lost 12-35v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 15-33v Rathkeale College


Lost 12-39v St Peter’s School
Won 36-32v Te Aute College
Lost 0-27v Wesley College
Lost 10-28v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 19-17v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 44-14v St John’s College
Lost 0-53v Feilding High School
Lost 15-31v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 29-27v Rathkeale College


Won 40-5v St John’s College
Won 39-15v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 15-38v St Peter’s School
Lost 10-29v Feilding High School
Lost 17-18v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 3-13v Wesley College
Lost 15-17v Rathkeale College
Lost 11-25v St Paul’s Collegiate School


Won 37-12v St John’s College
Won 25-7v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 42-5v St Peter’s School
Won 31-0v Rathkeale College
Won 15-7v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 10-20v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost by defaultv Feilding High School
Lost 10-11v Feilding High School (S/F)


Lost 3-18v St Peter’s School
Won 17-3v St John’s College
Lost 3-32v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 19-12v Feilding High School
Won 32-20v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Won 22-8v Rathkeale College
Won 25-17v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 16-22v Francis Douglas Memorial College (S/F)


Lost 5-73v Feilding High School
Won 65-17v Te Aute College
Won 56-8v St John’s College
Won 52-7v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 28-21v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 25-28v Wesley College
Won 15-12v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 67-7v Rathkeale College
Won 28-26v Wesley College (S/F)
Lost 7-30v Feilding High School (Final)