Ko Kahurānaki, Ko Kauhehei, ko Pukenui ngā pae maunga, Ko Roto-ā-Tara te waiū . Ko Kahungunu te iwi, Ko Takitimu te waka, Ko Te Whatuiāpiti te tangata, Ko Te Aute te whare wananga, Tihei Mauri Ora!

The special character of Te Aute College is determined by:

Our rangatiratanga as a people. As Māori our language and tikanga are vital – they underpin our whole essence as a marae-based learning institution. Our culture permeates Te Aute’s very existence as a college.

Our affiliation with the Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia. Within a warm and complementary relationship we are able to promote and practise our Christian faith.

Our 24-hour learning environment. Students are prepared socially, culturally and physically for the world outside school.

Harley Thompson 1st XV Coach, Hostel Manager

Wikitoria Osborne 1st XV Manager, Deputy Principal

Mat Anderson 1st XV Coach

Ricki Baker 2nd XV Coach

1st XV Squad 2019

100 State Highway 2
Napier 4276

+64 6 856 8016
[email protected]

Head of Rugby
Wikitoria Osborne
[email protected]
06 8568016 x705


Lost 0-52v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 0-125v Wesley College
Lost 6-60v Lindisfarne College
Lost 0-126v Feilding High School
Lost 0-83v St Peter’s School
Lost 5-70v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 10-42v Rathkeale College
Lost 10-40v St John’s College
Lost 0-44v St John’s College
Lost 5-53v St Paul’s Collegiate School


Lost 0-39v Rathkeale College
Lost 32-36v Lindisfarne College
Won 28-15v St John’s College
Lost 0-39v Feilding High School
Lost 0-60v Wesley College
Lost 19-41v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 0-76v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 5-77v St Peter’s School
Lost 13-33v Whanganui Collegiate School


Lost 0-84v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 5-107v Wesley College
Lost 17-65v Lindisfarne College
Lost 0-0v Feilding High School
Lost 0-66v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 0-0v Rathkeale College
Lost 25-36v St John’s College
Lost 0-0v St Paul’s Collegiate School