Rathkeale College is an integrated day and boarding school for boys from Years 9 to 13. Established in 1963, it is located in a magnificent park-like setting. With superb sports grounds and facilities, Rathkeale provides an outstanding learning and living environment for young men.

From the outset, the college’s location and natural environment has dictated a special college atmosphere. This has led to the creation of unique facilities such as the outdoor Greek Theatre and a number of buildings, including sports pavilions, which have largely been built by the boys.

The college is affiliated to the Anglican Church and maintains a range of traditional features including high academic expectations, compulsory sport, and an emphasis on a holistic education. Physical well-being is an integral part of a Rathkeale student’s education. All boys are required to participate in summer and winter sport.

The Rathkeale / St Matthew’s Senior College, located on the Rathkeale campus, blends around 250 senior students from both St Matthew’s and Rathkeale in a co-educational environment. It makes an important contribution to the preparation of the students for life beyond the college gate.

Rathkeale celebrated its 50th Jubilee in March 2014.

Rugby at Rathkeale is supported by the Rathkeale College Rugby Club.

"The Rathkeale College Rugby Club (RCRC) aims to promote and develop rugby at Rathkeale College by encouraging and providing support to all players, administrators, coaches and associated people involved to ensure that rugby at Rathkeale is enjoyed at a level of excellence by all."

Please visit the website for more information.

Rathkeale College will field five rugby teams in the 2018 season.

  • 1st XV - CNI
  • 2nd XV - Wairarapa Bush Secondary Schools Competition (mid-week)
  • Junior Teams x 2 - Wairarapa Bush under 15yrs Competition
  • A Colts XV will be selected to play traditional fixtures and the annual Lindisfarne Colts Tournament.
  • We will also have a junior team competing in a mid-week local competition.

Schools involved in the Wairarapa Bush competitions consist of Rathkeale College, Wairarapa College, Chanel College, Makoura College and Kuranui College.

Rathkeale College traditional fixtures:

  • Hutt International Boys’ School
  • Wanganui Collegiate School
  • Lindisfarne College
  • Wairarapa College

Deon van Deventer 1st XV Coach

Joe Nuku Assistant Coach

Mason Summerfield Manager

1st XV Squad 2023

  • James CHURCH
  • William COLE
  • Xavier COOK
  • William DAY
  • Jacob DAY
  • John FALLOON
  • Jack FEENY
  • Sanerivi FULI
  • Wiremu HERBERT
  • Hamish HUGGINS
  • Carlo ISAAC
  • William KLOEG
  • Kaahurere MACKAY
  • Brandon MATTHEWS
  • Luca O'GORMAN
  • Louis OLIVER
  • Harry PEARCE
  • Archie SCHRADER
  • Henry SEWELL
  • Nathan SHAW
  • Spencer TELFORD
  • Hamish THOMSON
  • Jack THOMSON

Jayden Webb Milner

Cody McGlashan

Joseph Quinn

Marcus Laing

Freddie Eschenbach

Leon Tuiloma

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Logan Prendeville Wairarapa Bush 2019 Jeremiah Mapusua Wairarapa Bush 2017-2018 Ueta Tufuga Piopa Wairarapa Bush 2019, Hurricanes U20, Manawatu Pre-Season Sam Tufuga Piopa Wairarapa Bush 2019, Manawatu Pre-Season Brock Price Wairarapa Bush 2015, 2019

217 Willow Park Drive
Masterton 5871

+64 6 370 0175
+64 6 377 9020
[email protected]

1st XV Manager
Glenn McIntosh
[email protected]
027 274 6686


Won 38-0v St John’s College
Lost 3-33v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 38-22v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 10-66v Feilding High School
Won 27-15v St Peter’s School
Won 38-31v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 24-29v Wesley College


Lost 27-29v St John’s College
Lost 20-28v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 14-64v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 13-43v Feilding High School
Lost 14-37v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 17-35v St Peter’s School
Lost 9-59v Wesley College
Lost 5-80v St John’s College
Lost 24-39v Lindisfarne College
Won 31-29v St John’s College


Won 24-19v St John’s College
Lost 7-36v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 17-24v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 7-47v Feilding High School
Lost 8-38v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 0-46v St Peter’s School
Lost 10-44v St John’s College
Lost 10-64v Wesley College
Lost 14-28v Lindisfarne College
Lost 17-26v St John’s College


Won 24-17v St John’s College
Lost 8-38v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Lost 10-17v St Peter’s School
Lost 23-34v Feilding High School
Lost 6-17v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 15-31v Wesley College
Lost 14-37v St John’s College
Lost 14-20v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 20-30v Lindisfarne College
Lost 14-22v Lindisfarne College
Lost 12-51v Wesley College


Lost 0-22v Whanganui Collegiate School
Won 22-20v St John’s College
Lost 19-41v Feilding High School
Lost 14-15v Lindisfarne College
Lost 24-50v St John’s College
Lost 14-20v St John’s College


Lost 7-41v St Peter’s School
Lost 15-19v St John’s College
Lost 0-73v Wesley College
Lost 3-43v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 5-57v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 7-25v St John’s College
Lost 12-27v Feilding High School
Lost 5-52v Lindisfarne College
Lost 0-55v St Paul’s Collegiate School


Lost 0-27v Feilding High School
Won 22-3v St John’s College
Lost 3-10v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 21-39v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 42-10v Te Aute College
Won 28-8v St John’s College
Lost 9-15v Wesley College
Lost 0-74v St Peter’s School
Won 33-15v Lindisfarne College
Lost 10-51v Francis Douglas Memorial College


Won 39-0v Te Aute College
Lost 7-37v Wesley College
Lost 17-30v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 7-59v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 15-0v St John’s College
Lost 10-55v Feilding High School
Lost 7-83v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 6-52v St Peter’s School
Lost 27-29v Lindisfarne College


Lost 12-35v St Peter’s School
Won 45-7v St John’s College
Lost 12-29v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 10-36v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 7-56v Feilding High School
Lost 7-45v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 17-15v Lindisfarne College
Lost 0-59v Wesley College


Lost 3-41v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 0-59v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Drew 21-21v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 0-31v Lindisfarne College
Lost 12-31v St Peter’s School
Drew 12-12v St John’s College
Lost 0-101v Feilding High School


Lost 0-73v Feilding High School
Lost 8-70v Francis Douglas Memorial College
Lost 15-19v Whanganui Collegiate School
Lost 17-53v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 25-5v St John’s College
Lost 8-22v Lindisfarne College


Lost 0-69v Feilding High School
Lost 12-38v St John’s College
Lost 7-50v Whanganui Collegiate School
Drew 0-0v St Paul’s Collegiate School
Won 0-0v Te Aute College
Lost 7-47v Wesley College
Lost 7-67v Lindisfarne College
Lost 27-29v Francis Douglas Memorial College